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AYL college tour to UC - Berkeley.
In Asian Young Life, we seek to partner with parents so that together we can help your child reach his or her full potential. As a Christian organization, one of our primary goals is to help teenagers grow spiritually. To learn more about how we do this, please visit our About Asian Young Life page.

Furthermore, our leaders go above and beyond to assist teenagers in other areas of life as well. Listed below are some of the additional ways that our leaders and our organization can help your child to be his or her best.

Preparing For College

You probably want your child to do well in high school and to get accepted into an excellent college. In Asian Young Life, we can play a supportive role in helping your child to achieve such a goal. Most of our leaders are tutors and/or teachers at nearby secondary schools. Our experienced "teacher-leaders" are already familiar with educational methods that can motivate your child to succeed academically.

Furthermore, because our leaders want to have a positive influence on teenagers, they frequently take students to bookstores and libraries to study with them and to help them prepare for the SAT. This "personal connection" may provide the spark necessary to motivate your child to work harder.

Every year we also write dozens of college recommendation letters for high school students, we host a "senior send-off" to prepare students for college, and we have even taken some of our young people on college tours to prestigious schools like Yale, Princeton, Swarthmore, Rutgers, and even to Stanford and UC-Berkeley. We do these things simply because we care about young people and because we want them to succeed in all areas of life.

Please know that we are committed to working alongside parents in doing all we can to assist your child in becoming a more competitive and attractive candidate in the college admissions process. If there is anything you want our leaders to do to assist your child academically, please let us know. We want to help!

Community Service Opportunities

dpark.jpgMany parents today see the benefit of having their child engage in community service projects. Although Asian students typically achieve high SAT scores and grade point averages, one significant component that many Asian teenagers (and their parents) often overlook in the college admissions process is the importance of character. In Asian Young Life, we provide numerous opportunities for young people to mature in this critical area. For example, through our partnerships with groups like Habitat for Humanity​ and the Special Olympics, we give teens a chance to serve the community and to grow in character. Every summer, we also take our teens to a special service project camp called Capernaum. At this camp, our teenagers serve young people with disabilities by helping the campers overcome obstacles and grow in confidence. 
Many high schools now require (and many colleges now expect) students to complete a number of community service hours before they graduate. As a licensed non-profit organization, if your son or daughter volunteers with us, we can provide service hours and documentation certificates that can be used to partially fulfill such community service requirements. We are also happy to provide letters of recommendation for volunteers who go above and beyond what is expected. More importantly, by participating in our community service projects, our young people grow in character as they learn to have compassion on others. It is not uncommon for many of our volunteers to write about these experiences in their college application essays because of the life-changing impact these opportunities had on who they are and how they see the world around them.

Click here to read a sample college essay submitted by one of our students after he served at Capernaum camp.​

Learn more about our service opportunities by visiting our Community Service​ page.

Moral and Ethical Development

American culture is confusing and fraught with temptations and tough decisions. You know firsthand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise your child with the values that you deem important. That's where Asian Young Life can help... We desire to instill in young people the same moral and ethical principles that you would expect from them — taking responsibility for their chores and other family obligations, studying diligently and doing well in school, taking initiative in planning for their future, and being respectful and obedient to their elders. 
As a Christian organization, we emphasize the biblical principle of honoring one's parents, knowing that a "wise child brings joy to a father" (Proverbs 10:1). In addition, we try to connect your child to a community of well-behaved and responsible peers who enjoy living life to the full without depending on things like alcohol or drugs to have a good time. In Asian Young Life, we call this "life the way it was meant to be." In every interaction that our organization has with teenagers, our leaders model and emphasize these values in the hope that young people will adopt these values and live them out on their own.

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