Work Crew Weekend

​Thank you for serving on Work Crew Weekend! We are looking forward to a fun weekend, but please expect to spend most of your time actually working. You will receive approximately 25 hours of community service when the weekend is over, but we do ask you to work diligently during the weekend. Let this Bible verse be your guide: 

"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ" (Colossians 3:23-24).

We have created a "scoop sheet" and packing list that highlights the main points on this web page. Click the orange button below to download the scoop sheet.

In addition, all students must submit a signed permission form. Please click the blue button below to download the permission form. Please print it out, ask your parents to sign it, and give the completed form to any AYL leader.

This is a WORK weekend, so you will be spending most of your time working behind the scenes to help the guests have one of the best weekends of their life.  There will be approximately 500 college students at Lake Champion attending their annual Young Life College Getaway. It's sort of like our AYL Winter Getaway but for college students.

Our AYL group will be divided into a variety of tasks. You can expect to work in one of the following areas:

  • Dining Hall Servers (setting up for each meal, serving food, and cleaning after each meal)
  • Pit Crew (washing dishes)
  • Cooks (preparing food)
  • Outdoor Crew (landscaping, pulling weeds, general outdoor work)
Do not plan on having too much "free time." There MAY be an opportunity to use the swimming pool complex, the gym, or the game room, but the college student guests always have first priority in the use of all camp facilities, so we always want to be in the mindset of serving them.

Everyone from AYL will be housed together in special work crew housing, the guys and their male leaders in several cabins and the girls and their female leaders in other cabins.

We will be serving at Young Life's Lake Champion, located at 247 Mohican Lake Rd. in Glen Spey, NY 12737.  The camp’s phone number is (845) 856-6871. We will be driving to the Work Crew Weekend in vans driven by Young Life leaders.

We will be leaving on Friday, October 11:  

ACADEMIES @ ENGLEWOOD: If you are an A@E student, please bring your luggage to school and leave it in Dr. Hall's classroom (Room 543) before 8:00 AM. We will leave at approximately 3:30 PM.

TENAFLY HIGH SCHOOL: If you are a Tenafly High School student, please drop off your luggage at the Harvesters House, 54 Columbus Dr, Tenafly, NJ, before school starts. After school, please return to the Harvesters House, where we will leave at approximately 3:30 PM

Please do NOT overpack. You will NOT need a lot of clothes since you will be working most of the time. Please put your belongings in a duffel bag, backpack, or anything that is flexible. We will be driving to Lake Champion in a school bus, so there will not be too much space for luggage. Hard suitcases do not offer much flexibility for storage, so please try to pack your clothes in a flexible bag of some sort.

Make sure you bring the following items so you will be well-prepared at the Work Crew Weekend:

  1. Leisure clothes that you don't mind getting dirty (e.g., gym shorts, sweat pants, T-shirts). Your clothes will most likely get dirty no matter what job you do, so please plan accordingly.
  2. Nicer clothes to wear when serving food (If you are a dining hall server, you don't want to wear your dirty clothes while serving guests, so when it's time to eat, you can change from your dirtier clothes into something nicer, like clean slacks, polo shirt, etc.) 
  3. Swimsuit. We MAY have a chance to go in the hot tub and/or use the swimming pool and water slides, but we are not sure yet, so bring your swimming suit just in case we have some free time to enjoy the pool complex.
  4. Pajamas (or whatever you wear to sleep)
  5. Underwear for 3 days
  6. Flip flops/sandals​
  7. Light jacket for autumn weather or possible​ rain
  8. Hoodie/sweatshirt. The weather at Lake Champion can be very chilly especially in the evenings.
  9. Various Young Life T-shirts because everyone wears YL shirts at YL camp!
  10. Please bring one (or all) of these Saranac shirts: The "Asian Young Life" in a white outlined box black shirt from Saranac 2017 and/or the Asian flags Young Life logo black shirt from Saranac 2018 and/or the Asian icons Young Life logo black shirt from Saranac 2019. (On Sunday, we would like everyone from Asian Young Life to wear one of these three black shirts for a group picture. If you do not own one, please let one of the AYL leaders know.)
Please bring one of these shirts to wear on Sunday for a group picture!​​​


  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Shampoo/bodywash
  4. Contact lenses and solution and/or eyeglasses

  1. ​Bible, pen, and a notebook/journal. There will be some time during the weekend for devotions and personal reflection, so please bring a Bible, pen, and notebook/journal. If you do not own a Bible, please let an AYL leader know, and we can get you one.
  2. $25+ for dinner on Friday on the way to Lake Champion & for lunch on Sunday on the way home
  3. Spending money for the camp snack bar and camp store in case you want to buy some food at camp or something from the camp store (The camp store also accepts MasterCard and Visa.)
  4. Laundry bag (for dirty clothing)
  5. Beach towel (for the hot tub/swimming pool if we have an opportunity to use the pool complex)
  6. Small flashlight
  7. Cell phone charger
  8. If you take prescribed medicine, please remember to bring it

You do NOT have to bring bed linens, pillows, a sleeping bag, or a bath towel. These will be provided for you at Lake Champion.  

  • Cell phones will be collected when we arrive at Lake Champion because we don't want you to be distracted by your cell phone while working. Therefore, you will NOT have access to your cell phone during most of the day. You will be allowed to access your cell phone for about 1 hour a day. Please tell your parents that you will not have your phone so they don't keep calling/texting your phone.
  • If there is an emergency, your parents can call Lake Champion at (845) 856-6871 or Dr. Hall at (201) 777-0-AYL.

We should be back in Bergen County around 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 13. The bus will return to East Bergen Christian Church, 320 Beverly Rd, in Teaneck, NJ (This is the place where we have club.)

WHO'S GOING FROM THE ACADEMIES @ ENGLEWOOD?  (Tenafly names coming soon!)
Thank you to everyone who applied! There were more students who applied than there are spots available. As a result, we gave priority to AE students who applied and who attended AE Harvesters on September 21, 2019, as well as to members of the Class of 2022 who went to Saranac in 2019. If you are an AE student and your name does not appear below, your name is on the waiting list. There MAY be a spot for you depending on how many people actually commit to attending.

  1. Michelle Cho (leader)
  2. Brianny Alveranga
  3. Bella Carbone
  4. Flora Cho
  5. Angelina Han
  6. Arlene Lee
  7. Anais Lee
  8. Esther Lee
  9. June-Soe Lee
  10. Jenny Lee
  11. Gloria Lee
  12. Irene Myung
  13. Sienna Tu
  14. Katherine Wu
  15. Jessica Yoon

  1. Brian Hall (leader)
  2. Jason Ha
  3. Matthew Han
  4. Woozoo Han
  5. Daniel Han
  6. Jimmy Han
  7. Jeffrey Hong
  8. Timothy Jung
  9. Yejun Jung
  10. Jaden Kim
  11. Donghyun (Brian) Lee
  12. Christopher Lee
  13. Kenneth Lim
  14. Justin Liu
  15. Dany Montufar
  16. Timothy Pak
  17. Justin Park
  18. Sean Park
  19. Anthony Wu
  20. David Youm
  21. Preston Young
  22. Timmy Zhang
  23. Eric Zhou

Assuming you work diligently as you are expected to do, you will receive approximately 25 hours of community service.

Contact any AYL leader or call/TXT us at (201) 777-0-AYL (0295).




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Phone: (201) 777-0295

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