​​All of the important information on this page — including the Packing List — is available in a printable Scoop Sheet that can be downloaded by clicking the orange button below.

Winter Getaway Info


We are so glad you are attending this year's WINTER GETAWAY! Here is some important information for you regarding this year's trip!

We will be leaving on Friday, February 15, but the exact departure time and place varies depending on what school you attend:  

MOST SCHOOLS: Most students from most schools (A@E, BCA, BT, Hasbrouck Heights, Leonia, Palisades Park, Paramus, River Dell, etc.) should meet at 11:45 AM at East Bergen Christian Church at 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666.  This is the same place where we have AYL club. Please eat lunch before boarding the bus!

TENAFLY HIGH SCHOOL: If you are a Tenafly High School or Tenafly Harvesters student, the bus will pick you up at approximately 12:30 PM near the Harvesters House at 54 Columbus Dr, Tenafly, NJ  07670. In the morning before school, please take your luggage to the Harvesters House (54 Columbus Dr, Tenafly, NJ). Please note:  Brian Shin, Christian Lee, Penelope Om, and Phoebe Om should also meet at this location for the Tenafly bus. Please eat lunch before boarding the bus!​

NORTHERN VALLEY-DEMAREST: If you are a Northern Valley-Demarest student, there will be a van pick-up for you at 6:30 PM at East Bergen Christian Church at 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666. We will stop for dinner along the way, so you do not have to eat before boarding the van. 

We will be going to Shawnee Mountain Ski Area FIRST on Friday, February 15, directly after we board the buses. We will NOT be stopping for food along the way, so please make sure you eat lunch before boarding the bus on Friday.

Also, since we will be going to the ski resort first, make sure you carry your ski/snowboard clothes (e.g., snowpants, animal onesie, goggles, etc.) with you on to the bus and not underneath with the rest of your luggage.

Make sure you bring the following so you can have a great time at the Winter Getaway:

  • Warm winter clothes
  • Winter hat
  • Flip flops/sandals
  • ​Athletic clothes for the gym
  • Sneakers for the gym
  • Additional sneakers or boots in case your shoes get wet
  • Swimsuit (for the hot tub)
  • Pajamas (or whatever you wear to sleep)
  • Animal onesie
  • Gloves (essential!)
  • Snowpants (very helpful)
  • Goggles (very helpful)​

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo/bodywash
  • Contact lenses and solution

  • $50+ for dinner at the ski resort plus spending money for the camp snack bar and camp store (The camp store also accepts MasterCard and Visa.)
  • Water bottle
  • Beach towel (for the hot tub)
  • If you take prescribed medicine, please remember to bring it

You do NOT have to bring bed linens, pillows, or a sleeping bag.  All ski/snowboard equipment (skis/snowboard, boots, helmet) will be provided and is included in the price, so you don’t need to bring your own (but you can if you want to).


  • Always stay in control while skiing/snowboarding, stay on trails consistent with your ability, and never ski/board alone. 
  • Absolutely NO alcohol, e-cigarettes/juul, hookah, or illegal drugs are permitted. You won’t need them to have fun this weekend! Please leave them at home.  If you bring any such items to camp, we will notify your parents.​

Every year at Winter Getaway, almost everyone will be participating in our Doubles Ping Pong Tournament. It’s all for fun, so don’t worry if you are not that good at ping pong. Please select your ping pong partner at aylpingpong.com. You can see a list of everyone going by clicking here​.

It has become a tradition for many AYL Winter Getaway participants to wear an "animal onesie" (kigurumi) while skiing/snowboarding. This is totally optional and is NOT required, but if you are interested in continuing this tradition, please go to aylonesiecrew.com​ or click the orange button below. At this site, you can select an animal onesie and complete other important information.

Parents, we want your child to have an amazing but safe experience. Supervision at the Getaway includes local adult leaders who also work as local public school teachers. The overall ratio of adult supervision to teens is 1:10.  Male and female housing at the camp is clearly defined, separated, and chaperoned. Students are closely monitored at all times. In addition, a fully licensed EMT will accompany us to the camp and be with us at the ski resort as well. Furthermore, at the ski resort, we require all students to wear helmets, and all snowboarders are required to wear wrist guards as well. In addition, if your child is a beginner, he or she must take free lessons provided by the Big Bear Ski School instructors. Please be assured that the safety and well-being of our young people are our first priorities.  

We will be staying overnight at Young Life's Lake Champion, located at 247 Mohican Lake Rd in Glen Spey, NY 12737.  The camp’s phone number is (845) 856-6871. We will also be skiing/snowboarding at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, located in East Stroudsburg, PA. We will be driving to the Getaway in motor coach buses provided by Campbell Tours of Slippery Rock, PA.


Please meet at EBCC, 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666on Friday, February 15, at 11:45 AM.
    1. Brianny Alvarenga 
    2. Ashley An 
    3. Herbert Brown 
    4. Enya Cho 
    5. Flora Cho 
    6. Michelle Cho (leader)
    7. Michelle Cho (22 Northern Highlands) 
    8. Han Choi (leader) 
    9. Lauren Choi 
    10. Sungpil Choi 
    11. Charlene Flores 
    12. Jay Gevariya 
    13. Jason Ha 
    14. Brian Hall (leader) 
    15. Angelina Han 
    16. Daniel Han 
    17. Jessica Han 
    18. Jeffrey Hong 
    19. Anthea Iglesia 
    20. Athena Iglesia 
    21. Ryan Jeong (leader) 
    22. Timothy Jung 
    23. Yejun Jung 
    24. Andrew Kang 
    25. Caleb Kim 
    26. Andrew Kim 
    27. Joanne Kwon 
    28. Anais Lee 
    29. Arlene Lee 
    30. Eugene Lee (leader) 
    31. Eun-Soe Lee 
    32. Gina Lee 
    33. Jenny Lee 
    34. June-Soe Lee 
    35. Brian Lee 
    36. Lauren Lee (20 AE) 
    37. Chris Lee 
    38. Kenneth Lim 
    39. Danny Liu 
    40. Justin Liu 
    41. Dany Montufar 
    42. Jeremy Palad (leader) 
    43. Christine Salazar 
    44. Jonathan Seo 
    45. Andrew Shin
    46. Tristan Siu 
    47. Julie Song 
    48. Christina Wang (leader) 
    49. Katherine Wu 
    50. Grace Yang 
    51. Hanah Yang 
    52. April Yoo 
    53. Jessica Yoon​
    54. David Youm 
    55. Timmy Zhang 
    56. Eric Zhou 

    AE-2 BUS
    Please meet at EBCC, 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666​, on Friday, February 15, at 11:45 AM.
        1. Alan Armstrong 
        2. Aldrin Bellanger 
        3. Isabella Bonapace 
        4. Bella Carbone 
        5. Nick Cella 
        6. Vivian Chen 
        7. Jabez Choi 
        8. Jenna Choi
        9. Sol Choi 
        10. Evan Chu 
        11. Christine Chun (leader) 
        12. Eric Chung 
        13. Rachel Chung
        14. Alex Ha 
        15. Jenna Han 
        16. Joshua Han 
        17. Jungyun Han 
        18. Jonathon Ho 
        19. George Hung (leader) 
        20. Ronan Kim 
        21. Daniel Kim 
        22. Jennifer Kim 
        23. Eric Kim
        24. Jenna Ko 
        25. Andrew Lam 
        26. Esther Lee 
        27. Gloria Lee 
        28. Grace Lee 
        29. Jaekyu Lee 
        30. David Lee 
        31. Jessica Lee 
        32. Andrew Lee
        33. Rachel Lim 
        34. Henry Lin (leader) 
        35. Mandy Lin 
        36. Sawyer Martin 
        37. Spencer Mullen 
        38. Irene Myung 
        39. Stephen Nah 
        40. Kiana Ong 
        41. Kyu Sung Park (leader) 
        42. Joseph Park
        43. Rachel Park 
        44. Lucy Sanowski 
        45. Dylan Seo 
        46. Kayla Seo 
        47. Ethan Shan 
        48. Jay Song 
        49. Sienna Tu 
        50. Cristian Valdez 
        51. Jerry Wang 
        52. Anthony Wu 
        53. Tiffany Wu 
        54. Eugene Yang  
        55. Preston Young 
        56. Yaoru Zhu 

        Please meet at the Harvesters House, 54 Columbus Dr, Tenafly, NJ 07670on Friday, February 15, at 12:30 PM.

        1. Lovely Bagayana (leader) 
        2. Julia Barros 
        3. Ethan Cao 
        4. Lazarus Chan 
        5. Dylan Chang 
        6. David Choi 
        7. Migo Garcia 
        8. Natalie Ha 
        9. Jack Ham 
        10. Andrew Hau 
        11. Janny Hong 
        12. Ethan Jang 
        13. Jun Jeon 
        14. Daniel Jin 
        15. Harin Joh 
        16. Daniel Joung 
        17. Gerald Juan (leader) 
        18. Justin Jung 
        19. Izzy Kang 
        20. Anna Kim 
        21. Derek Kim 
        22. Diane Kim 
        23. Isaiah Kim 
        24. Sally Kim  
        25. Nathan Kong 
        26. Matthew Kwon 
        27. Christian Lee (22 AE)
        28. Logan Lee 
        29. Mino Lee 
        30. Daniel Lee 
        31. Michelle Lee  
        32. Isaac Lee 
        33. Joshua Lee 
        34. William Lin (leader) 
        35. Penelope Om 
        36. Phoebe Om 
        37. Jiho Park 
        38. Jason Park (19 THS) 
        39. Jason (Joo Ho) Park (22 THS) 
        40. Josh Park (leader)
        41. Kaylie Rim 
        42. Josh Seong 
        43. Yeji Shin 
        44. Brian Shin (19 Pal Park) 
        45. Jeffrey Song 
        46. Maisy Song 
        47. Rebecca Song 
        48. Daniel Suh 
        49. Andrew Sun 
        50. Anne Sun 
        51. Christopher Sung 
        52. Kenny Uchida 
        53. Vincent Yang 
        54. Sam Yoon

        NV-D VAN
        Please meet at EBCC, 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666, on Friday February 15, at 6:30 PM.

        1. Esther Chai 
        2. Topher Dekdeken 
        3. Debbie Ham (leader) 
        4. Maria Juan (leader) 
        5. Peter Lee 
        6. Youngjin Ma 
        7. Mike Shum (leader) 
        8. Justin Wang  

        ​ALUMNI VAN
        Please meet at EBCC, 320 Beverly Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666, on Friday, February 15, at 11:45 AM.
        1. Sam Kim 
        2. John Lee (leader) 
        3. Matt Lee 
        4. PJ Om 
        5. Daniel Park 
        6. Jael Bae (leader) 

        For people arriving in cars, please speak with your driver for details regarding where and when to meet.

        Colin Chiang's Car
        1. Colin Chiang (driver) 
        2. Lucas Gomez 
        3. Brian Jon 
        Donald Seok's Car
        1. Donald Seok (driver)
        2. Jeremy Pak
        Sean Han's Car
        1. Sean Han (driver)​
        2. Chris Kim
        3. Dina Kim
        Jimmy Han's Car
        1. Jimmy Han

        Contact any AYL leader or email us at ayl@asianyl.org​ or call/TXT us at (201) 777-0-AYL (0295).



        Young Life Asian Young Life | 24 W Railroad Ave PMB 148 Tenafly, NJ 07670-1735

        Phone: (201) 777-0295

        Connect With Us: